More Warcraft Stuff and some Personal stuff too

I’m sure not everyone wants to hear about my personal life and/or whatever, so I’ll be putting that at the latter end of this entry.

I went raiding again with Raids without Pants, and I think I really am enjoying raiding… well, with these guys anyway. Especially more so when on Mumble and I can hear majority of the guild chatting along telling stories during downtime. This wasn’t something I could have done when I was with on my old ISP, a stupid little webdongle thing (a USB mobile modem thing) which gave me constant lag and was insanely frustrating when it got all PMSy. I couldn’t even speak on Vent or Mumble due to said lag as it would distort and  constantly cut off my own voice.  Continue reading


Horses, Horses

Every morning when I take the bus to the train station, I pass by a bus stop that sits right next to a large paddock that houses about 2 horses and a foal. They seem to be nice, well-fed, and well cared for, as during the winter months, the owners give the horses covers, or their own variation of winter coats, to warm up and ward off the winter frost. The horses need these to keep healthy during this time, since they are free range, in the sense that they don’t seem to be tethered at all times and the “pen” they live in would probably take a good minute or so to gallop across.

This morning, I passed by the bus stop and saw the following sign:

“To those who Slaughtered the horses and keep on smashing the bus stop, I pray to God for your soul.”

>”To those who Slaughtered the horses

>”who Slaughtered the horses”
>”Slaughtered the horses”


These are someone’s well cared for, and loved animals, so I am absolutely horrified that someone would trespass into another persons property, climbing over a fence, and slay another person’s animal companion.

I can only just imagine the horror that the owners must have felt when they found the bodies the next morning. The area I live in, looks nice, but I know its littered with hoons, bogans, and wogs. But never did I think to this extent.

This is beyond terrible. Its a horrible showcase of human cruelty for the benefit of their own enjoyment.

I Suppose…

As I type this up, I’m seated half in my work clothes, half in my PJ’s, with the first Men in Black movie playing the background. Attempting to drown out the complaints of my now roughly 3 – 4 year old Macbook.

I’m trying think of a proper name for this blog, I mean I know its url is “neenerlife” but that was … kind of a placeholder until I thought of something proper. [Damn, Will Smith’s outfit is so 90’s] I tried playing with the headder, but it didn’t seem to be working as intended. Right now everything is basically all default and I’m wanting to spruce it up a bit but eh.

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So, I’ve decided to create my own personal blog… in the coming days, weeks, months, or however long I can continue doing this, I’ll be posting some art that either would be a work in progress, will remain unfinished, or ideas that someone would like to build upon.

I’ll also be posting things that I might like to share, such as photos, musings, or other strange internet discoveries that I want to expound on that won’t fit into plurk’s 255 word limit. (I think thats the limit? Can anyone confirm?)

Stay tuned and stay shiny!