How I survived the Reaper Invasion

I gotta hand it to Bioware’s advertising department or whoever got it into their head to use Twitter’s hashtag to create a War of the Worlds-esque scenario… but only this was on a much large scale. There was more interactivity, more user created content. It was an alternate reality game where Twitter’s hashtag #SolComms was used to monitor the incoming reaper attack on Earth – something that was the main portion of the oncoming Mass Effect 3 (ongoing/continuing) Storyline.

I had been browsing facebook in between submitting things for hopeful employment when I saw something that caught my eye – that an Emily Wong had set up @AllianceNewsNet as a way to report on invading activity in conjunction with the hashtag #SolComms. Intrigued, I had a looksee and set up Tweetdeck to show all #SolComms in one column.

What happened was something I don’t think I will ever forget.

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Gallery of Lost Work

I figure its about time to post up some actual artwork, but in this case, its a showcase of things that I’ve not finished and probably will never finish. We’ll see.

Some nudity so might be NSFW.

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Story Creation and Roleplaying

Some people might have noticed that there’s another link to the side, underneath “Other Places of Interest” called “Roleplaying Stories”.

This is actually a side site I set up to post and keep my roleplay prose for the characters I have on both Wyrmrest Accord and Steamwheedle Cartel.

I am only really able to write short chapters intermittently at the moment, as I don’t really have all that much time to myself unfortunately. I give it little bits here and there, but there are stories I do want to share. Continue reading