Story Creation and Roleplaying

Some people might have noticed that there’s another link to the side, underneath “Other Places of Interest” called “Roleplaying Stories”.

This is actually a side site I set up to post and keep my roleplay prose for the characters I have on both Wyrmrest Accord and Steamwheedle Cartel.

I am only really able to write short chapters intermittently at the moment, as I don’t really have all that much time to myself unfortunately. I give it little bits here and there, but there are stories I do want to share. Continue reading


Of Kitties and Broomsticks

Lets go do this chronologically. For the first part I’ll be talking about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie, so for those who haven’t watched it and wish to not be spoiled, I suggest you scroll down until you see drawings. Thats the beginning of the second part.

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I Suppose…

As I type this up, I’m seated half in my work clothes, half in my PJ’s, with the first Men in Black movie playing the background. Attempting to drown out the complaints of my now roughly 3 – 4 year old Macbook.

I’m trying think of a proper name for this blog, I mean I know its url is “neenerlife” but that was … kind of a placeholder until I thought of something proper. [Damn, Will Smith’s outfit is so 90’s] I tried playing with the headder, but it didn’t seem to be working as intended. Right now everything is basically all default and I’m wanting to spruce it up a bit but eh.

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