I don’t know why I am doing this, but I’d just woken up from a vivid dream and jotted everything down. I don’t know why I’m sharing it with the world, but here it is:

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Shopping with Nina

Its no secret that I love books.

My room’s bookshelves are overflowing with books of all sizes, art books, trade paper backs, hardbound novels… (note to self: buy more shelf space). Unfortunately Melbourne doesn’t really have huge┬áspeciality┬ástores dedicated to books, unlike Fully Booked in the Philippines.

The flagship store of Fully Booked, at Bonifacio High Street at the Fort (no, I do not know why they call it that), is 5 floors of Book Awesome sauce.

LOOK AT ALL THE BOOKS. This might be close to a bibliophile’s heaven might be.

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Moving Out

I’d been thinking.

I do would like a place I can kind of say, ‘I live here.’ but not say that I’m still living under my parent’s roof. The thing is, I wouldn’t know where to start. Well, I do, but I’m paralyzed because I don’t have anyone holding my hand. I can’t help it, its how I am.

If its a process that people have done so before me, I’d like someone to hold my hand, to show me how its done.

I feel like such an idiot, so naive, so sheltered that I can’t do this on my own. I suppose everyone has to take baby steps, but I’m kind of embarrassed of how this is for me. Sure, there are upsides of having a safety net there, but there are things that do frustrate me, the constant head butting. No doubt the frustration will never really go away, as evidenced by my mother calling me at 6 am while I was living in a dorm in Bangkok for a year, to make sure that I was sleeping in my own bed.

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In which I attempt to compress 3 weeks into one post

Trying to compress 3 hectic weeks into one post is difficult, and I’m not even sure I’m going to even to try to include everything that happened.

The reason I wasn’t able to update this for 3 weeks was obviously due to the holidays; Christmas and New Years. I had taken some time off work to fly back to my Motherland to be with family and friends once more.

But prior to flying back I had gone and watched Muse live in Melbourne, finally after 2007’s Bangkok show being canceled 2 days before the play date for who knows what reason.

Then I had to fly the next day. |||oTL

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