Talking With Gods and Zombies

Panel  1: A shadowed silhouette of a man, standing against a dark wall. His ghosts weigh on the back of his suit jacket, but he does not let it show. A glint of light frames the sunglasses resting on his Scottish nose.

It seems as if he is waiting for something, yet as the dull roar of noise slows down to something more comprehensible, a voice starts filtering through, heralding his fame, his achievements, his status.

The Rock Star of Comics.


Panel 2: The scene pans to a ComiCon panel, and GRANT is walking, not confidently, but not meekly either. He walks as he is muddling through the surprise of it all, and is slowly accepting that this is reality for him. The reality where he made magic happen.

In front of him is a legion of fans, all cheering at his arrival on stage.

The scene is still set in greyscale, all black, white, and grey.

Panel 3: We are behind GRANT, looking into the crowd. In attempts to thank everyone for everything, GRANT lets out a gem of a statement in his distinct Scottish brogue:  “I’ll try to show my thanks in form of interpretive dance.”

Panel 4: We see him dancing awkwardly, but his demeanour shows no self-consciousness.



I went and watched Talking With Gods last Friday at ACMI, and a friend of mine asked me to write a review on… so you can read the rest of it here. Continue reading