City Drawings

If its one thing I admire about Melbourne, its that the city has so much personality – from the people to the sights around it. The people come from all walks of life, differing niches and cultures integrating and jostling for their own personal space. Rockabilly and Corporate side by side, Zipper Pants and 2 foot tall blue mohawks walking through Elizabeth Street at Noon. Indian Emo with dyed red hair listening to their ipod behind a posh 50 year old on the train. They may not always get along, but this is what makes up for their people.

The City architecture lends so much to tell to the viewer – old town houses contrasting in front of the shining corporate windows. Brick and Mortar vs Steel and Glass. I love it, there is so much to explore and to discover. Among the things I have delightfully chronicled was the city’s illegalish artwork – street art.


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