30 Day Monster Girl Challenge


  1. Harpy – http://fav.me/d572k8y
  2. Centaur – http://ninasprogress.tumblr.com/post/27543471158/i-give-up
  3. Slime – http://fav.me/d58euu0
  4. Naga – http://ninasprogress.tumblr.com/post/34528853267/30-day-monster-girl-challenge-naga-yes-im
  5. Mermaid – http://fav.me/d5jpiq6
  6. Spider Girl – http://ninasprogress.tumblr.com/#40468481302
  7. Plant Girl – http://ninasprogress.tumblr.com/post/40475416418/still-trying-to-get-my-bearings-of-photoshop-cs6
  8. Octomaid
  9. Demon
  10. Succubus
  11. True Monster
  12. Zombie
  13. Insect Girl
  14. Dullahan
  15. Dragon/Reptile Girl
  16. Ghost
  17. Robot
  18. Alien
  19. Cyclops
  20. Satyr
  21. Canine Girl
  22. Feline Girl
  23. Yōkai
  24. Multiple Limbs
  25. Favorite Monster Girl
  26. Favorite Monster Girl Character
  27. A Truly Gruesome Girl
  28. A Group of Monster Girls Together
  29. A Monster Girl and Her Significant Other
  30. Celebrate Monster Girls!

Gallery of Lost Work

I figure its about time to post up some actual artwork, but in this case, its a showcase of things that I’ve not finished and probably will never finish. We’ll see.

Some nudity so might be NSFW.

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I Suppose…

As I type this up, I’m seated half in my work clothes, half in my PJ’s, with the first Men in Black movie playing the background. Attempting to drown out the complaints of my now roughly 3 – 4 year old Macbook.

I’m trying think of a proper name for this blog, I mean I know its url is “neenerlife” but that was … kind of a placeholder until I thought of something proper. [Damn, Will Smith’s outfit is so 90’s] I tried playing with the headder, but it didn’t seem to be working as intended. Right now everything is basically all default and I’m wanting to spruce it up a bit but eh.

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