Webcomics: Little League

As you, denizens of the internet, know there are thousands of available webcomics out on the web today, some of them are regularly updated once a week (such as every Monday like Manly Guys Doing Manly Things and Awkward Zombie), or they are updated twice or thrice weekly. Or their creators have abandoned them to languish with extremely erratic updates before finally being seemingly abandoned all together (like Castle Vidcons). Some of these webcomics are well made, while others are the result of a 12 year old mind with access to a scanner.

So when I joined tumblr a few days ago, I came across this webcomic that used tumblr to publish them.

It was called:

Little League.

So essentially, its kind of like that episode of Justice League Unlimited called “Kids Stuff”, where Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman get magically turned into 12 year oldish kids by Morgan Le Fay for her to go stop and save her son who had banished all adults from the world, so that he could be the oldest and he could run everything in his image.

Its better than it sounds, trust me.

But in Little League, the bar for their ages is set lower, and it encompasses the entire league that I’ve seen thus far. I guess its more similar to that Young Justice event where some magic or technology backfires and turns the Teen Titans and Young Justice into Adults, however the rest of the Leagues (the JLA and JSA) turn into babies and children.

And Little League gloriously adorable. The first strip starts off with Alfred bringing Bruce to elementary school (I’m guessing first grade or kindergarten ?). Bruce refuses to get out of the car because he was only left with the old 60’s Camp Batman Costume. Alfred threatens him with no Grey Ghost watching later that evening.

Touché, Alfred.

No longer are they really plagued with trying to catch super criminals (that I’ve seen thus far – its only in its 27th strip as of writing), but rather, the Flash, Diana, J’onn, Clark, Hal, and Bruce are faced with the issues of who plays tag at recess, Diana’s cooties, and Darksied being P.E. coach. I was really enamoured with who I’m assuming to be Julie Schwartz late renowned editor from DC comics, as being their primary teacher.

These are just short comics in a style I guess, best described as if Bruce Timm (DCAU) worked with Bryan Konietzko (of Avatar: The Last Airbender). The colours are nicely muted, as if printed on newsprint, and the overlaid textures further reinforce this idea.

Its a comic worth following, well written, and as I mentioned earlier, extremely adorable. If you read comics, or are familiar with the comics mythos, then you would heartily enjoy this re imagining of the known cast and crew. Their personalities are intact (despite the numerous Crises) and fresh as they are not worrying over group make up or world changing or world shattering events. For those who aren’t familiar with the main cast (what rock have you been living under?), its still a pleasant and easy to grasp read.

If there were two things that I would complain about on this comic, it would be that it doesn’t update everyday (it updates Monday and Thursday), and that it seems to ship Superman and Wonder Woman (Batman and Wonder Woman OTP!). But even the fact that this is being made AND WELL MADE makes the week even brighter.

I can’t wait to see what the future of this comic has to bring us, the dear readers.

Read the start of the comic here!


5 thoughts on “Webcomics: Little League

  1. Ink Smith says:

    And, just like that, you gave me a new addiction.

  2. Luka says:

    My favorite internet thing is, was, and always will be…


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