WTFEtsy: Bacon Edition

So, I was looking for a Birthday gift, or birthday gift ideas for my cousin when for some reason, I searched for the term, “Bacon”. I found some pretty… er… interesting things. Clicking on the images direct you to the item in question. Chocolate Bacon Caramels  Wai – what? What is this trend in the ever increasing idea of fatty foodstuffs like Deep Fried Mars Bars or Chocolate Covered Bacon or… this? Chocolate Bacon Caramels? I… have to admit its baffling. Chocolate Covered Bacon Candy Roses I… its the same thing up above there… I guess its fine for people who share undying love for each other brought together by their love of bacon?

Bacon & Chocolate Scented Soy Wax Candle

One step away from the actual foodstuffs, actual scented candles… that smell like Bacon and Chocolate. I’m not certain what chocolate actually smells like (or I just can’t recall at the moment), but I’m pretty sure that when I smell bacon it smells like grease floating in the air…

Bacon Soap

Well, now you can actually smell like bacon yourself! Not only do they look delicious, they make you smell delicious as well! Of course… if thats your thing. Smelling like bacon instead of a citrusy or floral scent.

I guess…. a crotched bikini isn’t as bad as it doesn’t really smell like bacon and eggs… Its more of a lolwtf that I included it here.


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