Gallery of Lost Work

I figure its about time to post up some actual artwork, but in this case, its a showcase of things that I’ve not finished and probably will never finish. We’ll see.

Some nudity so might be NSFW.

Safya Dancing

This was a kind of character study of my Troll Shaman Safya. Saf was pitched to me by a friend of mine who created the character and invited me the chance to roll her and roleplay her, which I did. There’s a certain affection to her, I might continue painting this.

I can see so many things wrong with her anatomy ngeeeeeh. This screen cap was taken July 12, 2011.

TThis was meant to be my last painting for my then Male Draenei Warrior, Vreshant. It initially started off with an idea of him respeccing from Fury to Protection, then I had gender changed him into Avashni and I had changed the feeling of the piece to him saying that he was done and was retiring. Oh well.

This is actually a pencil sketch I had wanted to refine, a drawing of my then Male Draenei Vresh vs my Rogue/Warrior/Priest then brainwashed Troll Zahki.  My Anatomies aren’t TOO bad here. I think.

As you can see, I tend to draw the bare bodies first before drawing the armour above. Thats just how my mind works.

This I started to paint shortly after purchasing my first Monster High doll, Toralei. For those who don’t know, Monster High is essentially a line of well made dolls/Ball Jointed Dolls that take the Movie Monster ideas and spin them into fashionable teenagers. You have Draculaura, the daughter of Dracula, Ghoulia, the daughter of a Zombie, Frankie Stein… The webisodes that they have released are also fairly well written.

The above was a kind of attempt at making an ‘original character’ so to speak. Playing on the idea of Monster High, I took a Filipino monster, the Aswang and took her on the Monster High treatment.

Heather Mason, protagonist of Silent Hill 3. I used photo reference for her face, but I think in my tinkering I made her body too small and just

(ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ~┻━┻

The following images are from an exercise I was to do about character development, where a series of questions were posed about your character, and I was to draw them out.

That said, the short tenure I did with the exercise did help me develop her into a character, let her an idea of who she is, so it was not all just a waste of time.

Now this is particularly egregious. Nothing more than an idea. Was meant to be Avashni preparing to put on the helmet Vreshant was taking off in the painting above.

This is a slightly better and farther along painting of her in her Transmog gear.

I was an Extreme Ghostbusters fan. I have the volume 1 DVDs at home. :D


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