Shopping with Nina

Its no secret that I love books.

My room’s bookshelves are overflowing with books of all sizes, art books, trade paper backs, hardbound novels… (note to self: buy more shelf space). Unfortunately Melbourne doesn’t really have huge speciality stores dedicated to books, unlike Fully Booked in the Philippines.

The flagship store of Fully Booked, at Bonifacio High Street at the Fort (no, I do not know why they call it that), is 5 floors of Book Awesome sauce.

LOOK AT ALL THE BOOKS. This might be close to a bibliophile’s heaven might be.

Not shown: A basement floor filled with Comics, Manga, and Collectable Figures. Which I find oddly appropriate, in line with Melbourne’s Minotaur except a bit less extensive. Where Minotaur specialises in only pop culture/nerdy stuff, Fully Booked has its speciality in providing books to all walks of niches, from childrens books to fetish photography.

I could easily spend 2 hours there (which I actually did), as Fully Booked provides customers with comfortable chairs to sit in and read, as well as a Starbucks and Ice Cream parlour.

Fully Booked is situated at Bonifacio High Street, a slightly posh area where every second or so store is a food stop. Yep, Filipinos love to eat.

After spending a bit inside Fully Booked, I had decided to go around the area a bit more. Maxicollector, Gap, Mugi. Its a nice area separate from the normal grittiness of Metro Manila, with lush greenery and flowing fountains that give the location a separate and richer personality.


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