More Warcraft Stuff and some Personal stuff too

I’m sure not everyone wants to hear about my personal life and/or whatever, so I’ll be putting that at the latter end of this entry.

I went raiding again with Raids without Pants, and I think I really am enjoying raiding… well, with these guys anyway. Especially more so when on Mumble and I can hear majority of the guild chatting along telling stories during downtime. This wasn’t something I could have done when I was with on my old ISP, a stupid little webdongle thing (a USB mobile modem thing) which gave me constant lag and was insanely frustrating when it got all PMSy. I couldn’t even speak on Vent or Mumble due to said lag as it would distort and  constantly cut off my own voice. 

The thing though with guilds, as well as the thing with almost all organised groups of people, is that drama will most likely come with it. It had cropped up in melbournites, it cropped up in high school. In the guild I was in on WrA over a year ago, it happened too. Then it happened in RwP, this insanely stupid bickering and vindictiveness that occurred that stemmed from parties not being understanding, miscommunication, and bad handling. Parties have apologised, but it had still gone on from the same root.

I was not directly involved in the drama, and I made sure to stay Neutral throughout the whole thing. Switzerland, as my raidleader later called me (I still kind of want my guildnote be called that, lol). I was good friends (more than good friends, I’d like to think) with one half involved, and good acquaintances at the least with members of the other party. I took no sides, or tried  to anyway, and yet stayed friendly and “supportive” with both sides.

I don’t mind acting as a sounding board, or acting as a couch therapist, if you would. I know as well as anyone that even just having someone listen to your woes helps a great deal.

But just constantly hearing about it for 2 weeks is tiresome and just the latest (and hopefully last) iteration of what’d happened on Friday night/Saturday morning just took its toll on me and I deigned to take a break from WoW for majority of the day.

Sunday, however, was a different behemoth. I signed up again to raid with the secondary raid with RwP, and during the week, I had been working on setting up my DPS spec on the chance that I would have to DPS for a single tank fight.

We went back into Blackwing Descent again, and Magmaw was already down. We had a different Main Tank this time, Ping (aka Foxyfoxy). Omnotron went down with no trouble, and the weekly sacrifice to the elevator boss was made (Shofie and Bragh, lulz).

Of all the fights I’ve experienced tanking thus far, I have the most fun on the Omnotron Council Fight.

So, we went and continued to clear out the outer ring of bosses – Maloriak was first, and I was handling the boss for that one.

Obviously I didn’t move away.

Next up was Atramedes,

Now, Atramedes is a one tank fight, so there is where my DPS spec came into play. Ping was handling Atramedes, who had an interesting fight mechanic which I did enjoy as DPS.


The thing with Atramedes is that he’s a “genetically engineered” blind dragon, who was designed and ‘gifted’ with “Sight Beyond Sight” as a whelp by Maloriak. Deemed a failure by Nefarion, Atramedes was still kept just in case Maloriak or Atramedes himself found a use for him.

The mechanic though for Atramedes is that since he is blind, he uses sound to locate, and by the same coin, sound disrupts him (though why Warrior Shouts don’t seem to affect Atramedes…). Atramedes emits on occasion these whirling rings of light (which are actually sound) that you have to dodge or else your sound level goes up if you get caught in it.

The higher the sound you have, the higher chance you have for Atramedes to turn around, barbeque you, and nom your face.

To stop him from bbq-ing you, there are gongs around the arena you fight him in that you can break to disrupt him and start the cycle all over again.

Definitely fun.

Afterwards, we headed towards Chimearon.

Now, I can’t remember off the top of my head if I mentioned what I need to do with the Chimaeron fight last week, but here it goes: Mainly, Chim has this ability called “Double Attack”, since he’s a hydra thing… First attack breaks you, and second attack kills you. Its a two tank fight, and the tanks have to kind of juggle Chimaeron between the first and second attacks.

Last week, Rit was Main Tank and he was on Vent, so he’d tell me when to taunt because I was a raiding nubkin. I’m still not overly familiar of when to taunt/tank juggle since I learn best by doing rather than just reading or watching. So Ping wasn’t one to use Mumble to talk, and I’m fine with that… just afraid that Ping might be mad at me or something. >.>

I mean, we finally manage to get Chim down, but its not the only encounter where you need to juggle taunts…

We head over to Firelands to do some Reputation Runs. Firelands HITS HARD, and these are just trash mobs and not even bosses. I constantly kept dying, and while the rest of the raid assured me it was fine, I still felt like you know…

I could die less?

Here are some more photos of just shenanigans.

We didn’t realise we had so many Raven Lords in the raid… Apparently Ping has two.

And lastly,

This is where Fire Mages come from.

Later that day, Bragh, Cassie, and I head into Karazhan to clear out for kicks.

After clearing it Bragh’s putzing around trying to figure out how to get into the fabled Karazhan Crypts. I did a bit of my own poking around and finally found a way to get into it.

The infamous Upside Down Sinners room.

Now, a little background on the Karazhan Crypts, for those not in the know – Karazhan, a level 70 10 man raid in Deadwind Pass was rumoured to have either a second raid below it called the Karazhan Crypts, however for reasons unknown it was cut out from progression but not deleted from the game. The area still exists within the game program and there have been various ways of getting there, and the more obvious ones have been patched up and fixed by Blizzard to make it inaccessible.

Some of the rumours of why it was cut from the game was because of the Upside Down Sinners room – that it was too “extreme/graphic” and including it, making it accessible for everyone would bump the rating up. I have no verification of this, again, these are just rumours.

The existance of Karazhan Crypts, however is very real.

Within the Crypts there are several subzones, such as the Paupers Walk, The Upside Down Sinners, and this, the Well of the Forgotten. Its easy to get lost within the Karazhan Crypts because of all the winding passageways, the dead ends, the rooms that lead to no where, and the multiple carefully cut holes into the floor makes you liable to fall into the room below.

If you follow the Pauper’s Walk up, you’ll end up arriving at the Well of the Forgotten. Upon looking down into the well, you see nothing but pitch black. You can’t see the other end, you can’t see where you’ll land.

Fall down the well, and you’ll find yourself left with probably around 5% HP left, and standing on top of a pile of bones. The subzone is called the Pit of Criminals. You can pretty much infer that the Well of the Forgotten was where the “Forgotten”, the castaways of society, the Criminals were sentenced to death… if they did not survive the fall. (I can pretty much already think of a story to take place here…)

Another place of note is the Slough of Dispair (sic).

It is this deep and deceivingly huge indention into the earth, as if there is a great weight pressing down upon it. There is nothing there, no discolouration , no bones. Just the great mark in the ground, and if one were to stand down within it, a great depression, a great weight seemingly weighs down upon you. Much like despair.

I can imagine, a trial occuring there, where the criminal was cast into the slough and the accusers would stand around the edge, peering down at the accused.

I can also imagine, the weight of a great Old One bearing upon it, or the weight of Karazhan and its dimensional improbabilities, the weight of all the interconnecting Ley Lines of Azeroth, coming all to that point within the Slough of Dispair.

These things are one of the reasons why I love WoW. There is just so many things to find, so lovingly crafted into the world with the possibility that no one would ever find it.


Now On To Personal Things

Friday evening afterwork, I went to Mana Bar in Fritzroy. I had been eagerly awaiting its open for about a year, and it had finally held its Grand Opening last Saturday, July 16. I was planning on going then, however the idea of going alone and about 1000+ eagerly awaiting the same thing put me off of actually going.

So on my way home on Friday, I went to Mana Bar to see what it was all about. Jess, my guild leader and close friend came with me since she was wanting to see it as well, but just not alone. I arrived there around 5 pm, and Mana Bar was small. It was arguably a little hole in the wall, wedged between two other shops, and easily missable.

There was hardly anyone there, however each of the 7 HD TVs were already occupied by gamers, so Jess and I deigned to buy some drinks. However as she had work later that day and had to still drive, and I still had a commute home, we both had one drink each. Her a Mana Potion, and myself, an Ocarina of Lime, and we would let the other have a taste of what we had ordered (I quite liked the Mana Potion).

The games on the TV were designed with Multiplayer in mind, because, obviously, it is a social setting. Street Fighter 4, Raskulls, Mario Kart Wii, Smash Brothers Brawl, and Guitar Hero populated the screens, and cosplay is welcome within Mana Bar. That evening there was a Captain Falcon and a Link cosplayer complete with the titular Ocarina of Time.

I got home and found a message waiting for me on Facebook.

It was a message from Michael, my ex. It was nothing accusatory, no begging. A simple request to catch up, as we had been out of contact for about 2 – 3 months. I responded positively, and he replied… which ended up with us hopping onto Ventrillo and just talk to each other for a good 2 – 3 hours in good humour and good company.

Its always nice when you can connect back with your ex and remain in good terms with them, even bringing up past faults with a joke. Its those happy times that can lead to one thinking, “Maybe we can try again?” but then you start thinking, “Why did we break up anyway?” and then you either remember and don’t pursue it, or you can’t even think of a reason why.

Its making me wonder where this will lead to, but as with most things, only time will tell.


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