Love is a silly little thing, and while I cannot claim to know everything there is about it, this is what I have learned thus far in my 24 years of existence. Some of this is just me rambling on, and some of these are things I have learned from friends.

Love hurts – as cliche this opening might be, its an undeniable fact. You get hurt when you love someone so much that you just cannot explain all this bursting feeling within you. You get hurt even when he says he loves you back. You get hurt when he doesn’t say he loves you.

It inherently hurts, so why do people still pursue love with such passion?

Its dual nature, I suppose, where while it does give you a soul hurt like nothing else, it is still there to elate your heart with nary but a smile.

JM once wrote to me saying, that when he was 25, he finally understood what Love meant. It meant being able to let go of someone you loved if it would make them happier, and if it would make them a better person. I still believe that, despite half of me just wanting to go “MINE!”. But in keeping that person, it no longer becomes love, but possessiveness.

Ben said to me recently that Love has to inspire you, and the person you’re meant to be with has to inspire you. Not necessarily to greatness, but inspire you to be a better person than you were before, it inspire you to love, to care, to be (as painful sounding as this may be) a good person.



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