Rantings of a PO’d mind.

I’m pissed off, annoyed, frustrated. I was fine until she brought up something and continued to prod at it after I said, “Can we change the subject?” instead of dropping it completely, she continued on saying that “NORMAL PEOPLE would be able to hold a proper conversation without being all defensive to things that happened in the past.” I’m only defensive because the way you’re talking about me putting my fucking head in the snow shows how retarded I am or something. They started saying things like, if I weren’t cooped up in my room all the time I would be able to converse and interact with them, doing their activities.

Yeah, I’m sorry, but I have no interest in shopping like you do, in football, I get my news and lulz through the internet. This is the way I wind down, this is the way I relax. You say you do my activities to try and know me more? Yeah, you watched Resident Evil 1 with me and told me to never bring me to watch that again. Watchmen with you was just awkward. I feel like banging by head against the keyboard, punching some inanimate object and all their doing with their ganging up on me is shutting me down and off even more instead of you know. COMPLETELY CHANGING THE SUBJECT BECAUSE ANY RATIONAL PERSON WOULD KNOW THAT THE DISCUSSION IS MAKING THEM FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE.


One thought on “Rantings of a PO’d mind.

  1. Kristin Brænne says:


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