Lately I can’t seem to get around to actually drawing some scenes I have in my head. I want to get them out but can’t. In the end I just end up either having simple sketches, character sketches, to see what this person is like.

Either that or they turn out to be such crap that I just delete it all together. I feel like I’m in a slump of sorts at the moment, unable to give out a finished polished piece of work.

I feel terrible, since I do have some work I am meant to finish, but by way of both having little inspiration to draw and wanting to keep leveling my warrior, I find to have little time to actually sit down and draw.

I want to create images to go with the roleplay stories that I write, such as the two draenei wrestling or the tender moment between Vre’shant and Marinath… in fact, I tried to draw the latter last night, but I just couldn’t. It wouldn’t come out properly, and I’m… depressed that I just can’t make it work.


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