Story Creation and Roleplaying

Some people might have noticed that there’s another link to the side, underneath “Other Places of Interest” called “Roleplaying Stories”.

This is actually a side site I set up to post and keep my roleplay prose for the characters I have on both Wyrmrest Accord and Steamwheedle Cartel.

I am only really able to write short chapters intermittently at the moment, as I don’t really have all that much time to myself unfortunately. I give it little bits here and there, but there are stories I do want to share. There are people, I know, who look at roleplaying as kind of… they look upon it with disdain. For someone like me who over thinks things, I can see why they think that. “Wasting time playing pretend on a video game.” and they might mock them by saying “Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!” (But do remind them that if they start exclaiming that and making throwing motions, that Lightning Bolt is mocking LARP – Live Action Role Playing, not in-game Role Playing). On another hand, a roleplayer might look upon hardcore raiders with disdain, thinking, “Why would anyone want to raid all serious-business like? You’ll just replace it next Tier Level.”

Personally, I don’t really see the fun in hardcore raiding. My boyfriend is/was a member of one of the hardcore raiding guilds on Caelestrasz, and hear stories about how some raiding groups act. I have nothing against raiders, and there are times that I want to raid just to see the content. But when a guild enforces a person to let the guild know if they’re taking a holiday, or makes it seem like logging onto WoW is like having a non-paying job, thats where I draw the line.

Me being in Australia means that since most of the people I play with in game are in the US, I don’t get to play at the same time that they do. This plus the twin facts of I have a full time job and it takes me an hour and a half to get to work, and another hour and a half to go home means I don’t have that much playing time period.

Essentially, raider or RPer, or ever a casual player – anyone playing a video game is essentially a roleplayer. A person logging onto WoW assumes the role of their player character – their avatar, their digital representation of themselves within a game. They’re taking the role of a Main Tank to keep the rest of a 40-man raid alive (whether they are successful or not is another story). We’re pretending to be involved in this overarching story of Azeroth, be you the failtank in Sethekk Halls, or the leader of the oldest existing all Tauren guild on WrA.

If you play lets say, Dragon Age Origins, you’re pretending and taking the role of a Grey Warden, trying to rid Ferelden of the Blight. If you play Final Fantasy X, you’re taking on the role of Tidus in a predetermined path. Brütal Legend, you take on the role to restore balance in the Rock inspired world.

All video games (except I guess, games like Bejeweled or Angry Birds, I suppose) means you’re pretending to be the person you’re playing to a certain extent.

Roleplaying just means a somewhat deeper connection to the character than one would normally have whence playing their toon or avatar.

About 2 months after I started playing WoW, shortly after the launch of Wrath of the Lich King, I was interested in trying out what RP is like. Having grown up, so to speak, Horde on a PVP realm, I decided to roll Alliance on an RP-PVP realm – Emerald Dream.

Admittedly, I didn’t know anything about roleplaying aside from writing community stories with self insert (albeit Mary Sue) characters with some friends in High School, and my boyfriend at the time had found an addon that allowed my character to spout emotes and/or text when doing a certain action. This, I abused terribly, and for that I appologise.

After a while, I found Wyrmrest Accord and rolled fresh there. I can’t remember how I found it, but I did and I was determined to try and role play with a full story. I ended up doing hours of research to make sure I have my Warcraft History right, and during this time, I had somehow found myself employed, which cut my RP time drastically.

A year and a half on from RPing, I found myself with a rich story of found love, death… and Zah’ki found herself broken to the point that I did not know how else to forward her story. She was as lost as I was, and I had moved on to a new beginning.

A way to circumvent the limited time I had to actually be in game was to write stories, and that I had backstories and histories that I wanted to tell and share. Most of these I had just a rough idea of where I wanted the story to go, and was just pulling what was happening out of my ass.

A downside of this is that I don’t get the interactivity that one normally gets from in-game roleplaying, which is a shame because since what I’m writing is mostly backstory, it only serves to flesh out the character but not give him/her character development. The is the instance of using messenger and forum RP, but in messenger RP it is still between a limited number of people and do not have the opportunity for new people to join in, and forum RP has the disadvantage of not being real-time.

Its a shame, but like I usually say – what can you do?


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