In 2001, Blizzard Entertainment announced that they were developing an MMORPG called World of Warcraft.

When the trailer for the game was released at E3, the developers were faced with stiff competition from Star Wars Galaxies. They were saying to themselves that they would be happy to get even 10,000 monthly subscribers, when one of their number yelled out, “F THIS! We’re getting a MILLION subscribers!” A chortle softly rang in the circle as they tried to swallow their nervousness against a juggernaut franchise like Star Wars.

“Who are we kidding?” They thought. “Who can beat Star Wars?

2004, World of Warcraft was released.

A week later, the servers crash due to too many players logging in.

2010, their active subscription player base is a staggering 13 Million. Millions anticipating the launch of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, their 3rd Expansion following Burning Crusade, and Wrath of the Lich King.

The Cataclysm servers have been up for over an hour as of writing, and here I am gazing lovingly at the Cataclysm Collectors Edition.

I can’t wait to open it.

No, the plushies don’t come with the collectors edition. :[

This was a rush rush job as I didn’t expect that I would be getting my collectors edition until at least Thursday, as my boyfriend had gotten it for me and well…long story short, he had it and I wasn’t seeing him until Friday evening.

Heading down to EB games with a mutual friend, Mick, to put down the rest of his deposit for HIS collectors edition, we saw people leaving the store with World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.


“They weren’t gonna sell it until 7 PM!” Mick exclaimed.

I see a man in a business suit rush out with a copy of Cataclysm. “Well,” I pointed out, “He just left with a copy.”

He rushes inside and I immediately call my boyfriend to wake him up so he can go get our copies and left him with enough time to drive to the city and drop mine off before the realms relaunch for Cataclysm content. *sigh*

So here we are. I have this lovely Collectors Edition box in front of me, waiting to be opened.

The box itself is very nice, seemingly worn with the impression of the cover flaked, peeling, and fading. The contents are in a slide-out tray with the items in fitted compartments.

On top as of sliding out the sleeve is the artbook, which contains concept art fror Cataclysm. More on it later.

Oh hello more Deathwing! Its the mousepad that comes with the Collectors Edition…

And below that is (clockwise) the OST, Trading Card Game Starter Pack, and the Game DVD itself. Hmm… seems like I’m missing something…

Oh there it is! The Making-of DVD is underneath the game DVD case.

So first up for review are the Trading Cards, which contain 2 hero cards: A Worgen Demonology Warlock (Named Jacob Blackcrest, obvious nod to Twilight is obvious), and a Goblin Assassination Rogue (Named Kirox Butcherblade), a loot card which is Landro’s Gift (which contains 3 different loot or so I’m told), a bunch of Ally cards (one that Dropped for me is the card for Sylvanas, Lady of Undercity), ability cards, quests, and several equipment thats suited for either Kirox or Jacob. I was given a deck for an Assassination Rogue.

The OST contains the following Tracks:

  1. The Shattering
  2. Xaxas
  3. Tempest’s Wake
  4. Depths of Vashj’ir
  5. Castaways
  6. Reforged
  7. Restoring the Balance
  8. Curse of the Worgen
  9. Defenders of Azeroth
  10. Eventide
  11. Thaurissan’s Reach
  12. Uldum
  13. Breath of Al’akir
  14. Call of the Elements
  15. Guardians of Nordrassil
  16. Dominion of the Stonemother
  17. Nightsong

The DVD I have yet to get to, but here it is:

But this. THIS is why I bought the collectors edition in the first place. The Artbook. I am a sucker for artbooks. I love them, I love to look at the different concepts, the different renderings and ideas from where the 3D modelists and the skin artists get their ideas. The artbook has about 150+ pages of just different artworks and concept sketches, wrapped and bound in a hardcover with a very nice dustcover.

The following are the table of contents:

  1. Legacy of Destruction: Deathwing
  2. The End of All Things: Twilights Hammer
  3. A Changing World: Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms
  4. Lock the Doors: Gilneas
  5. Message in a Bottle: Kezan and the Lost Isles
  6. Forgotten Depths: Vashj’ir
  7. Mysteries In The Sand: Uldum
  8. Realm of Fury: The Elemental Plane

I wish I had taken a proper photo of the inside of the dust jacket, as the hardcover is made to look like a book crafted by the dwarves. The impression of it leather bound, wrapped in metals and precious jewels with two crossing hammers and the words, “Visual Catalog of the Cataclysm” lie on the spine.

Bran Bronzebeard leaves the back with the parting words: “Well, now… that’s a lot to digest. I’m gonna need some time to take all of this in. Thank ye.”

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