There’s a company in Australia that promotes safety at work by having an ad campaign that runs on Broadcast Television, newspapers, billboards, as well as ads on public transports. Majority of the messages are simple “Scare ’em Straight” tactics, showing after shots of real people who have suffered from work related injuries such as loss of limbs, facial disformity, and the like.

I find these interesting, because obviously some of these injuries could be traumatising to kids, but it just works in the ‘Scare ’em Straight” light. Some of the T.V. ads are shown during prime time, so it gets across to the whole family. One of which can be found below:

It was the first WorkSafe ad I had seen on TV during my time here, and its the one that stays with me most. I’d like to think its very effective in warning against mindlessly thinking you can do a job if you’re unsure about it, but then again… sometimes you just get something like below:


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